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Where to recycle old electronics and wrapping paper after the holiday season

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — With the holidays coming to an end, you may have noticed boxes, wrapping paper, and gift bags piling up near your trash can. Experts say recycling some party items could help your pockets and the environment.

A gift bag and a bow can help keep those holiday gifts a surprise, but what happens after the big reveal?

We do produce a lot of waste during the holidays.

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Laura Stevens, Resource Recovery Program Manager with Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works

Stevens is reminding people boxes under the green tree should be headed to the green bin.

Break those down, remove all the items inside like the Styrofoam and the film. Those do go in the garbage, and then after you break down your box, those can go in the recycling bin.

Laura Stevens

Electronic devices should be dropped off at an e-recycling center.

Electronics in the recycling bin can cause hazards not only for the staff but also recycling facilities. They can cause fires. 

Laura Stevens

Allied Resource Recover is just one of the recycling centers in Milwaukee where people can drop off their old devices.

We’re regularly doing five to 100 tons a day, depending on the day.

Steve Iggens, CFO

Iggens says electronics and boxes aren’t the only leftover holiday items people should bring — aluminum cans are one of the most recycled items after the holidays.

It is Wisconsin, it is Milwaukee.

Steve Iggens

Recycling those beer cans won’t just help the environment. Iggens says it can help your pockets, too.

Bring those cans in here, we’ll help you get your next six pack,” said Iggens. 

To find a recycling center near you, click here.

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