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SINBON Electronics Recognition at the ASML Supplier Day Asia 2023

Electronic interconnect design and integration service provider, SINBON Electronics, announces its recognition at the ASML Supplier Day Asia 2023 on November 21st for its consistent drive toward materials lead time reduction and localization. While aiming to enhance the order fill rate, the company proactively optimized the entire production process to achieve lead time reduction.

The collaboration between SINBON’s industrial control team and ASML has been more than 16 years, possess a profound understanding of ASML’s way of working, encompassing manufacturing, quality control, engineering, procurement, and logistics from this long collaboration. Resulting in an adept understanding of customer requirements, and the ability to provide professional and flexible solutions to assist customers in problem-solving and consistently generate added value. Whether there is an emergent need or a new product project, SINBON’s team can consistently deliver in the shortest possible time, seamlessly providing it to the customers.

Owing to a continuous commitment to pursuing and aiming for improvement, SINBON has gained customers’ trust and recognition to have stable long-term collaborations, meanwhile being honored with prestigious awards from ASML, including the 2016 Best Quality Award, 2019 Best Logistic and Support HMI NPI Award, and 2023’s recognition for material lead time reduction and localization.

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This year’s recognition is not only an affirmation of SINBON’s dedication but to encourages the team to create more exceptional value with superior spirits and ability. SINBON will establish a foundation built on high-quality, high-efficiency production, and tailored customized professional services, paving the way for a brighter future in collaboration with ASML.

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