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As designs have grown more complex, applications requiring precise timing solutions have grown alongside the variety of necessary timing products. With timing being integral to many designs, customers must have reliable and long-term sourcing of components. 

SiTime, at the forefront of precision timing innovations, harnesses the power of silicon solutions to provide a diverse range of timing products. Rochester Electronics, as a leader in semiconductor lifecycle solutions, offers an extensive range of 100% authorized and guaranteed SiTime devices that ensure extended lifecycle support.

Rochester’s inventory of over 6 million units covers many standard and programmable oscillator solutions. Additionally, we have many precision timing products available, such as TCXO, VCTCXO, DCTCXO, and OCXO. We also stock other specialty products, such as the EMI-reducing spread spectrum version and the ultra-low jitter version for use in network synchronization and high-performance applications.

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Our SiTime devices are available in a variety of quality grades, supporting commercial, industrial, military, and automotive applications. The devices are offered in both ultra-small packages, as well as in pin-compatible versions of standard quartz packages. The programmability on many of these devices offers an extensive array of customer solutions.

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