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Raymond James Acquires Position in Plexus Corp: Fostering Confidence in the Future of Electronics Manufacturing Services

On June 7, 2023, financial services giant Raymond James announced that it had acquired a new position in Plexus Corp. (NASDAQ:PLXS). According to its recent Form 13F filing with the SEC, the firm purchased 2,336 shares of Plexus’ stock for approximately $240,000.

Plexus is a renowned provider of comprehensive electronics manufacturing services. The company has established partnerships with various businesses across different market sectors such as healthcare and life sciences, communications, industrial and commercial, and aerospace and defense.

Plexus recently released its quarterly earnings report on April 26th, which showed the company beating analysts’ consensus estimates for earnings per share (EPS) by $0.29. For the quarter ending March 31st, the technology company posted EPS of $1.45 as compared to last year’s $0.95. Moreover, Plexus’ revenue for the quarter was over $1 billion which exceeded market expectations of roughly $1.04 billion.

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The growth highlighted in Plexus’ recent quarterly report underscores its continuous success in creating branded products out of concepts in partnership with companies and delivering them straight to target markets efficiently.

With this news from Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc., investors should take note of how this highlights confidence in Plexus’ continued growth since this acquisition comes shortly after an impressive earnings report thus demonstrating faith towards future performances by the technology firm.

As the year progresses further into fiscal year-end on August 30th – when predictions indicate that Plexus will post EPS of $5.48 – investors can watch with keen interest how this modern industry leader performs financially and continues to make strides towards redefining manufacturing excellence in electronic services provision among its competitors while simultaneously leveraging unique sectoral partnerships to fuel continued growth beyond anticipated retail trends for electronics manufactures as recognized by recent critiques within tech-focused analytical paradigms worldwide.

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