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Plexus Corp.: Capturing Growth and Profitability in Electronic Manufacturing Services

Plexus Corp., a leading electronic manufacturing services provider, has received an average “Moderate Buy” recommendation from five ratings firms, according to Bloomberg Ratings. Out of the five analysts covering the company, four have given a buy rating, while one has issued a sell rating. These ratings are indicative of the high degree of perplexity surrounding Plexus’ performance in the market.

Analysts have closely monitored Plexus’ financial highlights to assess its potential for growth. In its most recent earnings report on April 26th, Plexus exceeded expectations by posting $1.45 earnings per share for the quarter, surpassing the consensus estimate of $1.16 by an impressive $0.29. The company also reported revenue of $1.07 billion during that period, surpassing analyst estimates of $1.04 billion. This strong financial performance indicates promising prospects for Plexus.

Plexus demonstrated solid profitability as well, with a net margin of 4.00% and a return on equity of 15.24%. These figures underscore the company’s ability to generate profits while effectively utilizing its assets to meet shareholder expectations.

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Furthermore, Plexus has experienced remarkable growth in quarterly revenue, which was up by an impressive 20.5% on a year-over-year basis. This demonstrates Plexus’ ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and deliver consistent results.

Looking ahead, analysts remain cautiously optimistic about Plexus’ future prospects and anticipate that it will post earnings per share of 5.45 for the current year based on their assessments and projections.

Plexus Corp., with its subsidiaries, specializes in providing electronic manufacturing services globally and is renowned for offering comprehensive solutions across various industry sectors such as healthcare/life sciences, industrial/commercial, aerospace/defense, and communications markets.

The company’s expertise lies in its ability to provide end-to-end services including design, supply chain management, new product introduction (NPI), and manufacturing solutions. Plexus also takes pride in its ability to sustain long-term relationships by delivering quality services even after the initial product launch.

With a vast range of capabilities and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Plexus remains well-positioned to capitalize on growing market demands across multiple industries.

In conclusion, Plexus Corp. has received positive assessments from analysts, reflecting its potential for growth and profitability in the electronic manufacturing services sector. Its strong financial performance, solid profitability, and consistent revenue growth demonstrate the company’s ability to adapt to changing market dynamics while delivering value to its clients. As Plexus continues to expand its reach internationally, it remains focused on providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Plexus Corp.: Prospects and Insights into the Electronic Manufacturing Industry

Date: July 12, 2023

Plexus Corp., a prominent player in the electronic manufacturing services sector, continues to gain attention from industry analysts and investors alike. As of recent news coverage by StockNews.com, Plexus received a “hold” rating on May 18th. This article delves into various aspects of the company, including its financial performance, its offerings, recent insider activities, and the interest shown by significant institutional investors.

Financial Performance:

Opening at $99.12 on Wednesday, Plexus has maintained a steady financial standing despite market fluctuations. With a current ratio of 1.45 and a quick ratio of 0.59, the company demonstrates its ability to meet short-term obligations efficiently. Moreover, with a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.16, it signifies that Plexus relies significantly less on borrowed funds for operations.

The stock’s trading range over the past year showcases the company’s resilience and growth potential. While experiencing a low of $76.27, it soared to a high of $115.36 – highlighting notable investor confidence in Plexus’ capabilities.

Company Profile:

Plexus Corp., alongside its subsidiaries, specializes in providing electronic manufacturing solutions across diverse sectors such as healthcare/life sciences, industrial/commercial, aerospace/defense, and communications markets worldwide. Its comprehensive suite of services includes design assistance, supply chain management, new product introduction support, and manufacturing solutions.

Recent Insider Activity:

On Monday, May 1st, Executive Vice President Ronnie Darroch made headlines with his sale of 4,424 shares at an average price of $89.12 per share – ultimately amounting to $3949931u7666..88 million in total value for the transaction. This disclosure represents transparency regarding key personnel’s participation in market activity.

Institutional Investors:

Plexus has attracted noteworthy interest from various institutional investors, shedding light on its growth potential and reliability. For instance, CWM LLC increased its holdings by 42.4% during the first quarter, while Ronald Blue Trust Inc. augmented its stake by 86.9% in the previous quarter. Tower Research Capital LLC TRC, UBS Group AG, and Harvest Fund Management Co. Ltd also demonstrated substantial increases in their ownership.

It is crucial to note that hedge funds and other institutional investors collectively possess an overwhelming majority of Plexus’ stock, which signifies their confidence in the company’s long-term prospects.


Plexus Corp.’s performance in the electronic manufacturing services industry continues to impress analysts as it maintains a healthy financial standing despite market fluctuations. With a diverse range of offerings and a strong international presence, Plexus positions itself as a key player across various sectors.

Key insider activities highlight transparency within the organization, allowing stakeholders to be aware of key personnel’s involvement in market transactions.

Furthermore, significant interest from institutional investors serves as a testament to Plexus’ potential for sustained growth and profitability.

As we move forward into an increasingly interconnected world reliant on advanced electronics solutions, Plexus appears poised to seize opportunities and solidify its reputation as a leader in the electronic manufacturing space.

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