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Nextracker’s DG Solar Acceleration: 600+ Projects with New Reseller Partners

FREMONT, Calif., Feb. 7, 2024 – Nextracker (Nasdaq: NXT) announced it has surpassed 600 projects delivered in its distributed generation (DG) portfolio. Driven by customers realizing significant energy gains using its NX Horizon™ solar tracker systems, Nextracker’s DG projects are deployed worldwide in commercial and industrial applications, including data centers, farming, retail, education, and manufacturing verticals.

To capture this DG growth and support its growing global ecosystem of DG solar infrastructure, Nextracker entered into two new agreements with channel partners RP Construction Services (U.S.) and Vergo (Turkey and regional solar markets). Nextracker’s channel partners are intensively trained and qualified to sell the company’s flagship NX Horizon solar tracker systems enabling customers to scale their DG projects more rapidly in the commercial and industrial segment, which is actively seeking to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions while increasing energy delivery reliability. These channel partners will provide Nextracker products and systems to address the smaller utility-scale market and DG solar power generation applications typically under 30 megawatts.

Distributed generation technology plays a key role in solving energy grid infrastructure challenges to meet rising global demand for clean energy.

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Dan Shugar, Nextracker founder and CEO

We are appreciative to be working with leading channel partners, RPCS and Vergo. Together we are supporting DG customers with design, inventory, logistics, construction management, commissioning, and service support.

Dan Shugar, Nextracker founder and CEO

We’re committed to bringing our customers the most advanced technology solutions available on the market, and partnering with Nextracker is key to that mission.

Eb Russell, CEO RPCS

The combination of Nextracker’s technology performance advantages, proven total project cost savings, and ability to be deployed just about anywhere including challenging project sites on tight schedules is a big win for us and our DG customers.

Eb Russell, CEO RPCS

We’re thrilled to be representing Nextracker’s advanced solar tracker systems for DG projects as a channel partner.

Nevzat Taşkın, founder and CEO of Vergo

Challenging land constraints and hilly terrain in our regional markets are ideally suited to Nextracker’s terrain following solar tracker system—maximizing benefits and lowering costs for our customers. Vergo is uniquely positioned to accelerate the energy transition as a Nextracker channel partner.

Nevzat Taşkın, founder and CEO of Vergo

With over 90 GW of smart solar trackers operational or under fulfillment around the world, Nextracker NX Horizon solar trackers are well-suited for both utility-scale and DG solar projects. NX Horizon’s independent-row, balanced tracker design and software solutions enable deployments in all geographies, sizes, and most terrains—from flat sunny and rectangular sites to irregular more diffuse and undulating locations. The NX Horizon platform allows EPCs to conform to sites with irregular and rolling terrain layouts and can eliminate the need for additional grading, lowering costs, and using space more efficiently while helping to boost energy yield and financial returns for both utility-scale and DG project owners.

About Distributed Generation Energy

DG applications play a key role in lowering energy costs and advancing reliability, security, and resilience of the energy grid. DG resources with ground mount solar tracker systems are typically up to 30 MW each in capacity, can come with backup batteries, and can form microgrids to produce electricity on a smaller scale connected to a distribution grid (compared to utility-scale solar, which is connected to the transmission system). This allows clean power to be generated right where it is used, and in many policy-supported states, DG systems allow businesses to sell unused energy generation to the grid for a profit. Microgrids can also operate autonomously during extreme weather events and during widespread grid failure, a key benefit for hospitals, server farms, semiconductor fabs, government buildings, and other critical infrastructure needing 24/7 uptime. DG technology and infrastructure also enable community solar that provides easier access to affordable clean energy.

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About Nextracker

Nextracker is a leading provider of intelligent, integrated solar tracker and software solutions used in utility-scale and distributed generation solar projects around the world. Its products enable solar panels to follow the sun’s movement across the sky and optimize plant performance. With plants operating in more than thirty countries worldwide, Nextracker offers solar tracker technologies that increase energy production while reducing costs for significant plant ROI. For more information, visit nextracker.com.

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