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Next-generation Tin Silver Bump Metallization Process improves precision, reliability, and performance.

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a leading supplier of integrated materials and chemistries to the electronics industry is pleased to announce the launch of MICROFAB® TS-650 NXG, its next-generation tin-silver bump, pillar, and capping metallization process for semiconductor wafer plating.  MICROFAB TS-650 NXG has been designed with enhanced uniformity to meet the semiconductor industry’s demand for precision, reliability, and performance. Meeting these requirements can lead to enhanced electrical properties, reduced defects, and improved cost efficiency, ultimately supporting ongoing efforts toward innovation and technological advancement. 

MICROFAB TS-650 NXG represents the next generation within MacDermid Alpha’s MICROFAB TS-650 process, enhancing its wafer level packaging (WLP) solder plating portfolio. It provides significant improvements over the existing process including photoresist compatibility, improved coplanarity, and EH&S compliance. MICROFAB TS-650 NXG is designed for lead-free and capping applications, providing exceptional within-wafer (WIW), within-die (WID), and within-feature (WIF) uniformity. The tunable tin-silver alloy produced by MICROFAB TS-650 NXG removes the propensity for whiskering while providing a lower melting point for reflow and a higher resistance to mechanical stress. The process is suited for high-speed electrodeposition producing smooth surface morphology, and solderable reflowed bumps with tight control alloy compositions. 

To meet the growing semiconductor WLP market MacDermid Alpha is continuously developing its innovative WLP solutions driven by the market demand for highly coplanar pillars, higher throughput, and lower cost of ownership.

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Ashley Kuppersmith, Product Manager – Wafer Level Packaging at MacDermid Alpha

The improvements provided by MICROFAB TS-650 NXG over the original MICROFAB TS-650 process, including photoresist compatibility, improved coplanarity, and EH&S compliance, make it the solution of choice for excellent solderability of chip or package to a substrate.

Ashley Kuppersmith

MICROFAB TS-650 NXG is designed for a wide range of Flip Chip, FOWLP, 2.5D/3D bumping applications with higher plating speeds, as well as C4 Bump (Mushroom, In-Via), μ Bump and capping applications. It is developed to perform alongside the MacDermid Alpha’s copper pillar plating technologies. 

To find out more visit: MICROFAB® TS-650 NXG | MacDermid Alpha or connect with one of our experts here: Contact Us

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