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New Gap filler pad offers extremely high thermal conductivity

The Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has released its new THERM-A-GAP PAD 80 high-performance gap filler pad. This innovative product supplies designers of electronics and telecoms devices with a thermal conductivity of 8.3W/m-K for outstanding heat transfer.

Delivering low hardness (40 Shore 00), the elastomeric, vibration-dampening it serves as a highly effective thermal interface between heatsinks and heat-generating components in electronic devices where uneven surfaces, air gaps or rough surfaces exist. The material also displays low silicone oil bleeding, therefore, minimising the potential for greasy residues to accumulate on the surface of the heatsink or substrate during usage.

Among those who could benefit from the attributes of the product are manufacturers of 5G and telecom equipment/infrastructure, smart home devices, automotive electronics (including ADAS modules), electric vehicle charging units, power supplies, computing modules such as GPUs and CPUs, computer servers, and memory and data storage units.

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We know that the engineering demands in devices such as these require thermal interface materials with superior performance characteristics,” says Ben Nudelman, global market manager, Chomerics Division. “With THERM-A-GAP PAD 80, we have addressed this need, delivering a product with the necessary thermal conductivity, conformability and reliability to succeed in highly challenging applications.

Supplying full electrical isolation, the product passes NASA’s outgassing requirements and General Motors’ GMW test for reliability.

The high Watt product comes in standard thicknesses from 0.5mm to 5.1mm) and is available in sheets or cut to custom part sizes. The company can supply this soft, easy-to-handle product on several material carriers, including aluminium foil supplied with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive for added adhesive strength during the assembly process.

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