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MIH Consortium Announces Jun Seki as CEO to Drive Innovation and Standard Development in Smart Mobility Industry

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – March 30, 2024 – The MIH Consortium, since its founding, has swiftly gathered over 2,700 members, establishing itself as a key global platform within the mobility industry. Today, MIH is pleased to announce that Mr. Jun Seki, Foxconn’s Chief Strategy Officer for EVs, will take on the CEO role effective April 1st, 2024. This pivotal change aims to advance industry standardization, unlock new business opportunities, and foster innovation within smart mobility.

The Consortium is dedicated to assisting members in entering the electric vehicle and mobility industries, focusing on uniting industry efforts, addressing challenges, and adopting the following strategies:

Industry Standards Development: Leveraging Taiwan’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strengths to join forces with members to define standards for the electric vehicle industry.

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A Collaborative Platform: Fostering partnerships within our community and with international industry bodies and governments.

Offering Targeted Support: Providing support tailored to our members’ needs to effectively tackle the challenges of the EV and mobility markets.

Expanding Opportunities: Assisting members in exploring global markets and seizing emerging business opportunities.

Moving forward, we’re dedicated to the principles of sharing, cooperation, and collective prosperity, and to driving innovation and opportunities with members.

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