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Madison Asset Management Increases Stake in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC), a prominent player in the semiconductor industry, experienced a 4.3% increase in its stake held by Madison Asset Management LLC during the first quarter of this year. According to recent disclosure filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Madison Asset Management LLC now owns 35,212 shares of TSMC, representing an additional purchase of 1,446 shares. This investment is valued at approximately $3,275,000.

TSMC operates worldwide and is involved in the manufacturing, testing, packaging, and selling of integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices. Headquartered in Taiwan, the company’s operations extend to various regions including China, Europe,the Middle East, Africa, Japan, and the United States.

One of the key services provided by TSMC is complementary metal oxide silicon wafer fabrication processes. This enables the production of a wide range of semiconductors including logic chips,mixed-signal chips,radios frequency chips,and embedded memory semiconductors. These products find application across various industries such as telecommunications, automotive electronics,data centers,internet of things(IoT),and artificial intelligence(AI).

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On Friday,TSMC’s stocks opened at $105.57.Evaluating TSMC’s performance over a period of time reveals that its fifty-day moving average stands at $98.05 while its two-hundred-day moving average comes close to $91.49.These figures reflect stable growth trends,juxtaposing with TSMC’s steady market position.

With regards to financial indicators,TSMC maintains a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.29 which indicates a healthy balance between long-term obligations and shareholders’ equity.Additionally,it boasts robust liquidity ratios.With a quick ratio of 2.04 and current ratio of 2.29,TSMC ensures it possesses ample short-term assets to meet any immediate liabilities.

Examining TSMC’s stock performance, it achieved impressive milestones in the past year. Its share price varied significantly during this period with a low of $59.43 and a high of $110.69. This range illustrates the volatility that shareholders have experienced over the course of twelve months.

As of now, TSMC boasts a market capitalization of approximately $547.49 billion, cementing its position as one of the largest semiconductor companies globally. With a price to earnings ratio (P/E) at 16.32 and a price-to-earnings growth ratio(P/EG)of 3.66, the stock is considered by some investors to be undervalued or positively positioned for future growth.

Furthermore,TSMC exhibits a beta value reaching1.08.This indicates its correlation with broader market movements.Typically,beta values below 1 indicate lower volatility compared to the overall market whereas values above 1 may suggest higher fluctuations relative to market trends. In TSMC’s case,the beta value reflects an inclination towards heightened volatility.

In conclusion,Madison Asset Management LLC’s recent increase in its stake in TSMC demonstrates confidence in the company’s potential for sustained growth and profitability.Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited continues to leverage its expertise in semiconductor manufacturing while exploring opportunities in emerging technologies.The steady rise in their stock prices along with strong financial indicators propels TSMC towards maintaining its market leadership as it navigates through an ever-evolving industry landscape.

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