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Kinpo Electronics joins the “Taiwan Talent Alliance.”

At Kinpo, we consider our employees to be a crucial asset to our company, the key to maintaining our competitive edge, and the strong foundation for our sustainable development. In response to the waves of ESG and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) trends and the global emphasis on corporate social responsibility regarding talent, Kinpo Electronics is proud to announce its official membership in the “TALENT, in Taiwan, Talent Sustainability Action Alliance”!

We embrace a people-centric, harmonious, and inclusive spirit as we strive to create a diverse and welcoming workplace. We are committed to continuously promoting talent sustainability through:

Diversity and Inclusion

KINPO GROUP operates multiple production centers worldwide and actively recruits employees from diverse backgrounds. We not only send Taiwanese supervisors to share their management expertise but also focus on nurturing local talent, with the hope of making a positive impact in local communities.

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Gender Equality

We address issues concerning female employees and support gender equality through various measures aimed at improving the welfare and rights of women in the workplace.

Employee Development and Ongoing Quality Education

KINPO GROUP places a strong emphasis on employee career planning and talent development. We offer a wide range of courses and resources, along with tailored training and development strategies for employees at all levels. We actively encourage employees to participate in training programs to assist them in personal growth. By encouraging employees to achieve their personal and career goals, enhancing their professional skills and value, we aim for a win-win situation for both employees and the organization.

Establish Multiple Communication Channels and Create a Positive Labor-Employer Relations

Guided by the principles of ‘Innovate, Accord, and Transcend’ since our establishment in 1973, Kinpo places special importance on labor-management relations. In addition to embodying the philosophy of ‘Accord’ in our business approach, we create a positive labor-management relationship through diverse and effective communication channels. We welcome employee suggestions and proactively address issues related to safeguarding employee rights, not only in compliance with regulations but also considering employee interests.

Creating a Safe Workplace Environment and Enhancing Employee Health and Well-being

Employee health is always our top priority! KINPO GROUP aims to provide a secure working environment where all employees can grow. To achieve this, we have established safety protocols, conduct regular disaster preparedness and fire drills, and promote environmental safety training. Additionally, we pay close attention to our employees’ physical and mental well-being through regular health check-ups, organizing activities to relax both body and mind, and managing employee nutrition. We are dedicated to ensuring that our employees can work with peace of mind and lead healthy lives.

Moving forward, we will continue to advocate and collaborate with “CommonWealth Learning”, “Cheers Happy Workers”, and over 200 alliance partners to create a hopeful project for talent development, striving to create a better future for every worker.

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