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Keysight EDA Connect World Tour: Powering Shift-Left with the Modern Design Center

The official countdown to the 2024 Keysight EDA Connect World Tour has begun. Keysight will be hosting a global series of in-person educational and networking events for electronic design engineers and industry leaders across 20 locations in over 4 regions. Attendees will have an opportunity to choose from a broad range of technical presentations, educational tracks, hands-on tutorials, panel discussions and networking opportunities with Keysight product leaders. Kicking off on January 15, 2024, the Tour covers a wide array of topics, from load-pull design techniques and chipset design to rapid electromagnetic (EM)-circuit co-design and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in radio frequency (RF) design. These innovations serve as key enablers for achieving faster time-to-market and driving bold design breakthroughs. 

The rapid emergence of transformative technologies like 5G non-terrestrial networks and chiplets is undeniably reshaping our world. To realize the potential of these innovations across the globe, Keysight is hosting a series of technical seminars, carefully designed to deliver actionable “shift-left” best practices in various applications.

Niels Faché, Vice President and General Manager, Keysight EDA

Keysight will be bringing together a diverse lineup of technical experts from across our industry and beyond. Attendees can get firsthand knowledge of the latest electronic design automation (EDA) innovations, including enhancing RF design with AI/ML and Keysight’s golden-standard measurements.

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Niels Faché

To ensure that attendees receive the most relevant and valuable information, the agenda for each seminar is carefully tailored and will focus on four key modules, with papers handpicked by Keysight tech experts.

Module One – Accelerate Smart RF IC Design

A successful RF design transcends mere specification compliances. This module will delve into the cutting-edge advancements within the latest release of the Keysight EDA software suite, ranging from AI-driven power amplifier design to the rapid co-design of electromagnetic circuits. These innovations are poised to accelerate the development of complex RF circuits, contributing to a hyper-connected future. Key topics include:

  1. Load Pull Design Techniques for Power Amplifiers Leveraging Measurements and AI/ML
  2. Rapid EM-Circuit Co-Design of Microwave ICs, Packages, Modules, and PCBs
  3. Solving 3D Module Integration Challenges for High-performance Microwave Design
  4. Expanding Robust, High-Yield Design Techniques from Circuit to EM

Module Two – Achieve High-Speed in the Chiplet Era

Chiplets are here to stay. However, addressing the complexities of thermal, power, and signal integrity at both the chiplet and package levels, along with multiple die-to-die interfaces, necessitates innovative strategies. This module offers expert insights into new architectural approaches and essential practices to enhance high-speed digital design workflows for memory and SerDes applications, ensuring success in the chiplet race. Key topics include:

  1. Analyzing Die-To-Die Interfaces in Multi-Die High-Speed Digital Designs
  2. Simulation-Driven Compliance Solutions for PCIe6 And USB4v2 Standards
  3. SerDes and Memory Design in the Age of AI/ML, 5G, and IoT Devices
  4. Designing a Reliable Power Delivery Network (PDN) with Digital Twin Simulation
  5. Keeping up Signal Integrity in Complex PCBs: EDA tools evolved

Module Three: Embrace RF System Design Innovation

As communication extends into the vastness of space, complex system-level design challenges emerge. This module explores how Keysight EDA’s latest offerings, including integrated system/circuit design workflows, advanced power amplifier modeling, and AI integration for 5G air interfaces, are revolutionizing RF system design. Key topics include:

  1. RF System Design Solutions for Transceivers and Phased Array Antennas
  2. Applying AI/ML to 6G PHY Research
  3. New System Verification Tools in ADS for Circuit Designers
  4. DVB-S2X Integrated Design Environment Solutions

Module Four: Advance Device Modeling Efficiency

For over two decades, Keysight has been at the forefront of providing top foundries with comprehensive solutions for measuring, extracting, and validating semiconductor devices. This module spotlights innovative strategies to enhance the quality of models for RF, CMOS, and III-V devices while significantly reducing engineering time. Key topics include:

  1. Enhancing Device Modeling with Modernized Recentering Approaches
  2. Supercharging Binning Modeling Flow with Express Model QA Solutions
  3. The New De-Facto Standard Software for Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Measurement
  4. Accurate Modeling of the Self-Heating and Trapping Effects in GaN HEMTs
  5. Advanced thermal analysis for power electronics
  6. Parasitic extraction for converters/inverters for current balancing with parallel MOSFET

Join your fellow engineers to explore the future of the modern design center and learn how you can become an integral part of the winning design team, utilizing Keysight’s extensive portfolio of EDA, design data, and IP management software tools.

The Keysight EDA Connect World Tour is offered at no charge, so find a city near you and register to join.

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