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IPC Unveils New Training Courses and Subscription Model for the Electronics Workforce

IPC continues to collaborate with the electronics manufacturing industry to meet their current and future workforce training needs. This collaboration includes expanding its course offerings to include self-paced courses on soldering, inspection, and manufacturing engineering. With the introduction of eight new training courses in 2023, IPC reaffirms its commitment to ensuring that professionals in electronics manufacturing remain at the forefront of the industry.

Introducing the Subscription Model

To enable organizations to invest in efficient employee training across their organizations, IPC now offers an annual subscription model. This approach simplifies the acquisition process making it easier for trainers to assign and review training results, while mitigating the training costs of turnover. By choosing IPC’s subscription, organizations can onboard employees more cost effectively and leverage a highly skilled and trained workforce as their competitive edge by providing an environment where all employees can improve their skillsets and knowledge.

Eight New Self-Paced Courses

  • Fundamentals of PCB Fabrication & Assembly – An in-depth dive into PCB and PCA fabrication.
  • Inspection of Electronic Assemblies: Introduction – Providing the necessary tools and methods for effective incoming inspections.
  • Manufacturing Engineering for Electronics Assembly Series – Covering essential topics like Stencil Printing, Surface Mount Technology, and Through-hole Assembly.
  • Self-Paced Troubleshooting and Defect Analysis of PCBs – A special course in collaboration with IPC Hall of Famer, Mike Carano, catering to learners worldwide with 24/7 accessibility.
  • Soldering for Electronics Assembly: Introduction – A novel hybrid course allowing learners to move at their own pace while also providing hands-on exercises.

The Future of IPC Training

David Hernandez, vice-president of education at IPC said, “We’re dedicated to continuously aligning training solutions with industry needs. Regular engagement with IPC members and industry subject-matter experts ensures that the training remains relevant and is co-developed with the industry’s best minds.

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Now employers can build career pathways with IPC training courses that can develop operators into inspectors or onboard engineers new to electronics manufacturing. IPC believes training is critical to success in the fast-paced world of electronics and so do the thousands of trainers and trainees that have engaged the IPC EDGE learning platform since its launch.

For organizations interested in understanding the benefits of IPC’s Workforce Subscription or to gain insights into the new courses, they can directly visit https://edu.ipc.org/wft-subscriptions or email sales@ipc.org.

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