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Future Proofing: Extending Product Lifecycles for Military and Aerospace Applications

Today’s management of military and aerospace supply chains is facing greater challenges than ever before. Systems require longer development times and have longer production lifecycles than any other industry. The industry is faced with component obsolescence in aging systems, prioritization of funding for long-term procurement and maintenance, and coordination of the timing and transitions to newer systems.

The pace of advancement in semiconductor technologies has accelerated the rate of component obsolescence. When faced with critical-part obsolescence, manufacturers need to find reliable replacements which do not only address single-replacement events but also cover the requirements for the full lifecycle of a program.

The unique qualities of many military and aerospace designs add to the challenge of finding viable solutions to obsolete components. Redesigns are an option, but often entail costly development, testing, and requalifications. Working directly with the semiconductor suppliers is often not an option, as most suppliers are reluctant to allow access to intellectual property (IP) to those outside of their normal partners. Finding replacements in the “grey market” is a possibility, but this can be risky and may provide only a temporary fix.

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Beyond providing long-term sourcing of obsolete devices, Rochester Electronics Design and Technology group has been successful in providing replicated alternatives that meet the exact performance specifications of the original device. These product replications differ from alternatives based on emulations, which simply attempt to mimic the functionality of the original device. Product replication includes working with the original OCM and is an exact physical and electrical duplicate with output edge-rate matching. Pin-for-pin construction, identical die size, and matched cycle-for-cycle timing, mean the component is 100% guaranteed to perform exactly as the original device. Product qualification of a duplicated device is significantly less than any redesigned or emulated alternative.

Rochester Electronics has built a highly qualified design team with years of experience and a broad knowledge of semiconductor technology. Rochester’s replicated product portfolio includes microprocessors, DSPs, microcontrollers, mixed-signal, and full digital or analog designs. Aviation customers have partnered with Rochester to avoid the costly DO-254 recertification path by replicating devices that allow for simpler minor change classification. Rochester’s team has also enabled customers to migrate FPGA, PLD, or other programmable solutions into source-able products for the life of their product lines.

Rochester’s Product Replications can offer:

  • Physical design replication from the original archive or die
  • Technical Data Package (TDP) creation
  • Electrical performance replication through original device analysis
  • No change to system boards or CCA’s
  • ITAR Design handling if required
  • 100% Software compatibility with no errata on critical processor-based solutions

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