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Flex and STMicroelectronics showcase next-generation power electronics

Flex is working with global semiconductor company STMicroelectronics at CES to demonstrate advanced power electronics for next-generation electric vehicles (EVs). The demo showcases Flex’s adoption of STMicroelectronics’ silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs and other key products to power its High Voltage (HV) Combo Units. The HV Combo Units combine a DC/DC converter and onboard charger to provide an all-in-one power conversion solution for EVs. The combination of these technologies with Flex’s advanced manufacturing capabilities aims to accelerate the development of differentiated EVs.

Flex’s HV Combo Units feature a bi-directional design for both charging and conversion to support vehicle-to-load and vehicle-to-grid functionality, as well as high-voltage pre-charge to extend the lifetime of key battery components. The HV Combo Units also enable automakers to maximize vehicle performance and range through high power density and efficiency features.

Flex is focused on leveraging AI-driven tools for practical use cases, not only within manufacturing operations, but across the enterprise. The Flex legal team for Global Procurement and Supply Chain began leveraging AI to streamline the review process for non-disclosure agreements. After seeing early success, Flex expanded the tool to optimize supply chain contract reviews. By removing repetitive and monotonous contract review tasks, what once took several days now takes five minutes. Expediting the contract review process enables Flex to respond to business needs with agility, highlighting Flex’s commitment to its partners across the value chain.

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As automakers morph into mobility companies delivering technology, software, and content to meet consumer demands, they are creating their own intellectual property to create differentiated products and services.

This shift requires the mobility industry to embrace a next-generation ecosystem underpinned by deep collaboration where automakers and partners contribute their respective strengths and collaborate early in the development cycle.

Our work with STMicroelectronics is an example of how Flex partners across the ecosystem to enable automakers to launch leading mobility products with greater reliability, resilience, and speed.

Mike Thoeny, President, Automotive Business Group, Fle

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