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FIT Hong Teng Teams Up with MediaTek to Develop High-Speed Connectivity Solutions Using CPO

[March 25, 2024 – Taipei] AI-generated applications are escalating the demand for higher computing power. In response, Foxconn Interconnect Technology Ltd (“FIT”, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under 6088), a subsidiary of Hon Hai (TW.2317), is joining forces with MediaTek to co-develop a groundbreaking 51.2T solution, inclusive of Co-Packaged Optics (CPO).

CPO is designed to revolutionize the integration of optical transceivers by incorporating them directly onto the same package as the ASIC, moving away from traditional separate modules. Building upon the foundation laid by the Red Dot Design Award-winning FITCONN 800G high-speed connector, FIT seeks to further advance its CPO capabilities by utilizing MediaTek’s cutting-edge ASIC platform, which includes high-speed SerDes and silicon photonics technologies. Leveraging FIT’s adeptness in CPO socket creation and integration capabilities, this collaboration will deliver superior high-performance computing systems tailored for switches within front-end and back-end networks.

Within data centers, CPO is instrumental in increasing bandwidth and reducing electrical pathways, thereby improving latency and accelerating data transmission speeds. The architecture’s ability to demonstrate significant total system power savings underscores its value and potential. From a connectivity standpoint, CPO enriches FIT’s existing optical communication offerings, spanning 800-1600G, and collaborating with MediaTek will enable the evolution of next-generation network communication technologies.

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We are deeply honored to partner with MediaTek on this venture. This trailblazing technology is expected to introduce revolutionary products to the market, ensuring stable and reliable high-speed connectivity solutions.

Mr. Joseph Wang, CTO of FIT Hon Teng

Anticipating the product’s launch, we are committed to collectively furnishing our customers with a broader spectrum of efficient connectivity solutions, thereby propelling the high-performance computing era forward.

Mr. Joseph Wang, CTO of FIT Hon Teng

MediaTek’s vision is to deliver versatile ASIC platforms to clients, providing them with state-of-the-art technologies designed for the rapidly-expanding data center and server markets.

Vince Hu, Corporate Vice President at MediaTek

By working together with FIT on the CPO initiative, we will create new market opportunities by enabling and powering next-generation high-speed transmission solutions.

Vince Hu, Corporate Vice President at MediaTek

MediaTek is slated to unveil its product lineup, showcasing FIT’s CPO socket, in March 2024 at OFC, the premier global event dedicated to optical communication and networking.

About FIT (Foxconn Interconnect Technology) Hon Teng (HK.6088)

Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT), listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, focuses on precision design and manufacturing of connector products as its core. FIT continues to explore 5G AIoT, EV mobility, and audio applications areas, stepping into consumer brand operations. For more information about FIT, please see: www.fit-foxconn.com.

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