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Emerson Introduces Flexible Control Package for OEMs and Small Manufacturers

The DeltaV Flex System provides scalable, subscription-based automation to reduce up-front cost and engineering complexity

AUSTIN, Texas 
(May 7, 2024) – Global automation technology and software leader Emerson has introduced the DeltaV™ Flex System, a subscription service that combines the DeltaV PK Flex Controller, term-based software licensing, and product support in a packaged solution. The new solution provides more flexibility for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and process manufacturers who create small standalone systems, such as research and development labs, pilot programs, or skids. Subscription features reduce up-front costs and engineering complexity, which helps teams get projects started more quickly. 

High-growth organizations, such as those in the life sciences, as well as OEM suppliers, need powerful, feature-rich options for automation. However, many of today’s smaller, nimbler companies need flexible digital technologies that can easily scale and deliver the necessary level of automation in the context of the operation. These small organizations often cannot anticipate the lifecycle of equipment as they continually innovate and scale. As a result, the size, costs and front-end engineering complexity of traditional control systems are often out of reach. Emerson’s DeltaV Flex System continues the evolution of the DeltaV Automation Platform, providing users everything they need to create small DeltaV automation systems with software that can be scaled up or down to meet changing needs, while reducing the initial investment required to get started.

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The DeltaV Flex System offers manufacturers an easy way to procure, operate and maintain a fully functional, modern DeltaV system and leverage innovations in small control systems or operations.

Claudio Fayad, Vice President of Technology for Emerson’s Systems and Software Business

This new packaged solution gives nimble, born-digital companies everything they need to create a right-sized system that easily scales up and down with their changing business and operational needs.

Claudio Fayad, Vice President of Technology for Emerson’s Systems and Software Business

The DeltaV Flex System leverages Emerson’s DeltaV PK Flex Controller, with base packages starting at 50, 100 or 250 Flex device signal tags (DST). Users can also add DeltaV functionality as needed at any time to customize the DeltaV Flex System to meet their unique application and operational needs.

The DeltaV Flex System is an addition to Emerson’s line of subscription-based solutions empowering organizations with increased flexibility and support across the lifecycle of their automation investments. The DeltaV Flex System provides access to all the functionality of the DeltaV Distributed Control System, including support for PROFINET®, DeltaV Live, multiple operation stations, version control and audit trail, full batch functionality, safety and more. 

Because DeltaV Flex is a subscription solution, it also includes product support through Emerson’s Guardian™ digital experience, which offers a secure portal for connecting to technical assistance, managing subscriptions, and interacting with additional software and services tailored to meet users’ specific operational needs.

Learn more by visiting Emerson.com/deltav-flex-system.

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Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is a global technology and software company providing innovative solutions for the world’s essential industries. Through its leading automation portfolio, including its majority stake in AspenTech, Emerson helps hybrid, process and discrete manufacturers optimize operations, protect personnel, reduce emissions and achieve their sustainability goals. For more information, visit Emerson.com.

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