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In the dynamic world of electronics development, it is essential to keep up with the latest technologies. Melecs, as a renowned electronics manufacturer, actively addresses the challenges that arise when modernizing products. A current example of this is our work on an advanced motor control system for intralogistics.

Overcome the challenges

Our previous solution for motor controls in intralogistics faced typical challenges that arise with products that have been in use for many years. 

  • Components are being discontinued or are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.
  • Designing alternatives involves effort without a reasonable ROI.
  • Newly developed chips promise more performance and memory and thus make more features possible.
  • State of the art components sometimes have lower consumption. In times of striving for more sustainability, this is an increasingly important argument.
  • New components and product optimizations also promise significant savings on the cost side.
  • The new product must also be backwards compatible because you want to keep spare parts logistics as lean as possible.

Innovation as an answer

The future requires advanced solutions, and here we rely on Electronic development that meets the technological requirements. By using new chips, we not only achieve higher performance and more memory, but also additional features that meet current market requirements. State-of-the-art components, with their lower energy consumption, are becoming increasingly important in a time when sustainability is paramount.

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Technical and economic Optimization

The selection of components is not only based on technical criteria, but also taking sustainability, availability and target prices into account. This promises not only improved performance, but also cost-efficient production. Our backwards-compatible solution ensures that spare parts logistics remain lean.

Focus on challenging development tasks

Developing sophisticated engine control requires a wide range of technical skills. In addition to mechanical developmentsoftware development and Hardware development must focus on ecological and economic aspects. Validation according to required standards and desired certifications ensures the quality of our product.

The fusion of development and production

Melecs integrates manufacturing experience directly into the development process to minimize manufacturing costs. Aspects such as feasibility in production, assembly in assembly, separability of benefits and paintability are technically thought through from the outset. The definition of an optimal test depth and the parallelization of work steps are key aspects for reducing throughput times.

Global Presence and local expertise

With over 100 employees in development, Melecs has comprehensive responsibility. Our experts see the world through the lens of the electronics manufacturer, meaning we can not only create innovative solutions, but also identify the most economical components through our local sourcing teams in America, Asia and Europe.

Electronics development at Melecs not only means progress and innovation, but also a commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness. With our holistic technical approach, we set standards in the industry and offer electronics developers solutions that not only meet current requirements, but are also prepared for the future.

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