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Comprehensive NXP Microcontroller and Microprocessor Support

NXP Semiconductors has developed one of the industry’s most extensive microcontrollers and microprocessors portfolios, through both continued R&D investments and its legacy heritage of Philips Semiconductor and Freescale. This wide product selection now covers over 30 years of devices.

NXP has a long-standing partnership with Rochester Electronics which has lasted for over three decades. Rochester provides extended support for NXP’s product offering, including support for its legacy brand, Freescale. We offer a 100% authorized, traceable, certified, and guaranteed inventory of active and end-of-life NXP devices, including many automotive-grade processors. Additionally, through licensed manufacturing services and with the full support of NXP, Rochester provides continued production for numerous previously discontinued devices. Rochester’s NXP inventory ranges from 8-bit microcontrollers to 64-bit multicore microprocessors.

Rochester’s inventory of high-end NXP microprocessors include well-known families, such as QorIQ, Layerscape, and i.MX2 through i.MX8 families. These families provide options-based on PowerPC, ARM Cortex-Ax and ARM Cortex-Mx processor cores.

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Other microprocessor inventory support includes the PowerQuicc™, PowerQuicc™ II, PowerQuicc™ II-Pro and PowerQuicc™ III families. Additionally, Rochester has partnered with NXP to continue manufacturing of the MPC860/MPC855 product family beyond NXP’s published last ship date, providing a fully compatible solution for its on-going demand. 

Rochester provides support for the MC68000 family of microprocessors with continued manufacturing support for several devices, along with the follow-on ColdFire devices, are also supported with stocked inventory. 

Learn about our MC6800 support

NXP has also excelled in microcontrollers where the integration of memory, interfaces, A/D and D/A converters, and other functions are joined with a variety of CPU cores, providing cost-effective solutions. To meet the variety of application requirements, there are devices utilizing 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit processor cores. These cores include 80C51, S08, S12 and a wide range of ARM cores, like the ARM7, ARM9, and a range of ARM Cortes Mx series.

All these microprocessors and microcontrollers are readily searchable and available in Rochester’s inventory, along with other NXP products that include RF and microwave, sensors, and power management products.

Search a sampling of our NXP microprocessor and microcontroller inventory:

QorIQ Processors

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