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Broadcom Unveils AI Acceleration Vision at 2023 OCP Global Summit

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ: AVGO), will showcase its vision for accelerating and democratizing AI via a series of executive presentations, product demonstrations, and other forums at the 2023 Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit. The 2023 Summit takes place in San Jose from Oct. 17-19. Highlights regarding Broadcom’s participation in this year’s Global Summit can be found here.

Broadcom’s vision for unleashing the potential of AI at scale is achieved through a combination of ubiquitous AI connectivity, innovative silicon, and open standards. This also reflects the company’s commitment to the principles and contributions of the open compute community represented at the OCP Global Summit, including its standardization work towards an open hardware ecosystem for AI workloads.

OCP Global Summit has always been the arena for driving open innovation.

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Charlie Kawwas, Ph. D., President, Semiconductor Solutions Group, Broadcom

Today, AI is pushing technology to its boundaries. Broadcom is focused on innovating to interconnect the key components of an open AI platform within the data center. Our goal is to partner with hyperscalers and enterprise OEMs to build leading-edge AI products and solutions.

Charlie Kawwas, Ph. D., President, Semiconductor Solutions Group, Broadcom

Broadcom will showcase innovative and standard-based technologies throughout the OCP Global Summit 2023 to reinforce its AI vision. Broadcom’s talks and technical panel sessions at this year’s summit include:

  • Ethernet: The Path to Singularity: Opening session keynote, Ram Velaga, senior vice president and general manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom. The keynote will highlight the technical barriers to achieving Artificial General Intelligence at scale with increased demands for compute and networking. The presentation will emphasize how Ethernet is rising to the challenge as the one, singular network that can connect millions of GPUs and will underscore Broadcom’s steadfast support of Ultra Ethernet Consortium (UEC).
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Optics in AI— Special Focus: Optical Connectivity for AI Clusters, Vlad Kozlov, founder and CEO, Light Counting, Manish Mehta, VP, Marketing and Operations, Broadcom and Andy Bechtolsheim, chief development officer and co-founder, Arista, Loi Nguyen, EVP, Optical, Marvell, Oct. 18, 11a.m., Concourse Level 210AE.
  • Revolutionizing SONiC Routing: Tackling Challenges in FRR Integration and Scaling up Routing Features, Syed Hasan, senior principal engineer, Broadcom and Eddie Ruan, senior staff engineer/ director network system software, Alibaba Inc., Oct. 17, 3:40p.m., Lower Level LL20A.
  • Simple and Effective In-band Signals for Efficient Traffic Management in HPC and AI/ML Networks Special focus: Sustainable Computational Infrastructure for AI, Jai Kumar, distinguished engineer, Broadcom, Naoshad Mehta, principal engineer, Google and Abhiram Ravi, software engineer, Google, Oct. 17, 4:30 p.m. Concourse Level 210DH.
  • SAI APM: Advanced Performance Monitoring— OCP Project: Networking, Jai Kumar, distinguished engineer, Broadcom and Rita Hui, principal software engineering manager, Microsoft, Oct.19, 10a.m., Concourse Level 210DH.
  • Fungible Hardware Tables as an Ordered Chain for Traffic Engineering and AI/ML applications— OCP Project: Networking, Jai Kumar, distinguished engineer, Broadcom, Srikrishna Khare, software engineer, Meta Platforms Inc. and Midhun Somassundaran, software engineer, Meta Platforms Inc., Oct.19, 11:a.m., Concourse Level 210DH.
  • Telemetry Based Load Balancing of AI/ ML Workloads— OCP Project: Networking, Bhaskar Chinni, principal product line manager, Broadcom and Zack Tang, network engineering manager, Tencent, Oct. 19, 1:10p.m., concourse Level 210DH.
  • Alibaba’s Ethernet based DC deployment for AI/ML workloads using Merchant Silicon— OCP Project: Networking, Kamini Santhanagopalan, product line manager, Broadcom and Shishao Shi, technical engineer, Alibaba Inc., Oct. 19, 1:30p.m., Concourse Level 210DH.
  • Beyond UBB, Scaling Out with the OAI Expansion Module, Vasanta Madduri, senior, product line manager, Broadcom, Sam Kocsis, director, Standards and Technology, Amphenol and Song Kok Hang, senior director, platform architecture, AMD, Oct. 19, 1:30p.m., Concourse Level 220B.
  • OCP NIC in 2023: 800G, PCIe Gen6 and Test Integration— OCP Project Server, Damien Chong, technical lead manager, Meta, Hemal Shah, distinguished engineer and architect, Broadcom and Jason Rock, distinguished member of technical staff, Dell Inc., Oct. 19, 2:40p.m., Concourse Level 210B.

About Broadcom

Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ: AVGO) is a global technology leader that designs, develops and supplies a broad range of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Broadcom’s category-leading product portfolio serves critical markets including data center, networking, enterprise software, broadband, wireless, storage and industrial. Our solutions include data center networking and storage, enterprise, mainframe and cybersecurity software focused on automation, monitoring and security, smartphone components, telecoms and factory automation. For more information, go to https://www.broadcom.com.

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