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Advanced battery solutions for automotive electronics

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The development of big data and 5G has given rise to vehicle-to-everything. However, the particularity of onboard applications put forward more stringent requirements for battery supply (As shown in Table 1).

(Table 1: Battery requirements for different fields)

As a core brand in the lithium battery industry, EVE continues to make efforts in the field of automotive electronics, providing a variety of battery solutions for automotive electronics, which include coin-type and cylindrical-type batteries.

EVE battery solutions are widely used in the fields of ETC, e-Call, T-box, TPMS, GPS tracking, and car keys to meet the needs of long cycle life in the vehicular environment. Remarkably hermetic, reliable, and safe batteries lead to higher efficiency, higher stability, and longer running time of automotive electronics. 

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e-Call/T-box Standby Battery Solutions

Long-life rechargeable Li-ion batteries (PLM series) have the characteristics of high power and wide operating temperature range, being able to support e-Call/T-box applications all day in all situations.

To simulate the lifespan performance of PLM products, PLM18650 samples were stored at 85℃ for 100 days (which is equivalent to 15 years’ storage at 40℃ based on the empirical formula). These samples were still able to reach a 13.7W peak pulse at -20℃ (one of the typical e-Call discharge profiles). As shown in figure 1. Even after long-term storage at high temperatures, PLM batteries can still maintain outstanding low-temperature discharge performance.

(Figure 1: Low-temperature discharge curves of stored PLM18650)

TPMS Battery Solutions

Li/MnO₂ high-temperature coin-type batteries provide an ideal battery solution for onboard TPMS to ensure safe travels.

The high-temperature performance of CR2032HT at 105℃ is shown in figure 2.

(Figure 2: High-temperature discharge curves of CR2032HT)

Car Key Battery Solutions

The high pulse voltage platform and high pulse capacity of Li/MnO₂ coin-type batteries provide longer service life for car keys. According to figure 3, CR2032 coin-type batteries were tested over 49,000 discharge times with 15mA pulse at 20℃, which means it can guarantee 5+ years lifespan for car keys.

(Figure 3: CR2032 coin-type batteries 15mA pulse discharge curve at room temperature)

GPS Tracking Battery Solutions

Li/MnO₂ cylindrical batteries have the features of high safety, high reliability, and high pulse capacity, which can escort the real-time positioning and tracking of vehicles. As shown in figure 4, CR123A batteries can discharge over 2000 times with 900mA pulse at 20℃, which can meet the accurate positioning power needs of GPS tracking devices.

(Figure 4: CR123A pulse discharge curve at different temperatures)


EVE’s Li/MnO₂ batteries, PLM series, SPC series, and ER+SPC solutions have the advantages of ultra-wide working temperature range and high-performance sealing technology that can provide ultra-long time power supply stably in automotive electronics application scenarios.

EVE batteries were designed and produced under full consideration of the automotive electronics’ power needs; all series have passed the safety certification of GB/T 38444 and AEC-Q200 to guarantee the safety of automotive electronics.

To date, more than 270 million EVE batteries have been applied in automotive electronics worldwide.

Note: All of the above data comes from EVE’s laboratory.

Editor’s note: This article is in association with EVE.

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