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Acconeer’s New Module With Up To 10 Years Battery Life – Made by OSM Group

The new radar module XM126 can last on battery up to ten years depending on use case and settings. The module is compatible with the battery board XA122 and the waterproof CA122 IoT-casing, for easy integration and short time to market. It is a perfect compact size suitable for a range of applications like hand tap, tank level, fluid velocity, and conference room entrances.

We have been partnering with Acconeer for many years and are delighted to see their success. We have done plenty of radar sensor that their customers use in different ways. LevelCon is one of many example that is using another sensor we have produced. They use it in their remote tank monitoring solutions where LevelCon´s customer can do accurate reading of tank level data to be delivered in real time. XM126 sensor is another great opportunity for Acconeer extend the Customer segments for a enable an easier way for people to live in a safety way.

Stefan Svensson, General Manager, OSM Group

The XM126 IoT Module is the second module featuring the new A121 pulsed coherent radar sensor, and will be a low power connected radar module in an optimized circular form factor with a diameter of 33 mm. This IoT module integrates the A121 sensor with the Nordic nRF52840 System on Chip (SoC) with a 32-bit 64 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 CPU. It comes with pre-certified Bluetooth connectivity (BLE) and is prepared for several options for wireless connectivity.

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Based on customer demand and continuous dialogue with our partners, we´re expanding our product portfolio with the XM126 radar module. It combines the high performance of the A121 radar sensor with connectivity and is one of our most power efficient modules so far.

Mikael Rosenhed, Head of Product Management at Acconeer

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